Nick's Amiga PIC Programming stuff

I've just ported v5 of David Tait's PP PIC Programming software to the Amiga. This software is compatible with the Maplin PIC programmer (order code LU29G), and many many many others, including the example "development programmer" designed by microchip themselves (PDF documentation, Source code.)

You can download either:

of my Amiga port, VERSION 0.5(Ami).

Change history:

Amiga Format are producing a series about programming PIC chips from your Amiga, and they're using my proggy on their coverdisk!

I'm now intending to start work on my own Amiga PIC programming software, with a pretty drag+drop GUI and all that. It'll probably be similar to EPIC by Stephen Marsden (see docs), only it'll be written in C, it'll be compatible with the Maplin PIC programmer and all the other microchip-a-like ones, and obviously it'll be much better! :-)

Watch this space!

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